You Are In The Way!

I know you have heard me say this already but I will say it again! God has a plan for your life! I would love to walk away from this message but for some reason it keeps lingering in my spirit. I prayed for you before I started typing this and this is what the Lord wants YOU to know TODAY!

As soon as stuff starts happening in our lives we try immediately to find the solution. We think we have control. Get out of the WAY! You’re messing things up! If you just have to have something to do….Praise Him! That’s what you should be doing anyway!

If your children can’t get it together right now…Praise Him! You keep putting your hand in. Giving your advice. Running around frustrated because you feel they should have it by now. God has a plan for their lives just like he has one for yours. You are in the way of growth!

If your job isn’t like you want it to be or you’re in need of a job…Praise Him! While you’re waiting build up your skills. Pray for the one who got the promotion if you didn’t. Pray for the company! No need in trying to prove you were the better man/woman or that they made a mistake by letting you go or not picking you! Stop talking about the person who got or gave the promotion! God WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU! You are in the way of increase!

If relationships have gone bad or they are not where you need them to be…Praise Him! Go to God and ask him to reveal the parts of you that cause problems in relationships. Ask him to heal you from some of your deep dark secrets. Ask him to help you move out all insecurities and doubt! It is not always the other person’s fault! Everybody is not mistreating you! Pray for your friends and love ones! You don’t have to remind them of the things they have done or the things they keep doing! Go sit down somewhere with all that! You are in the way of deliverance!

If someone has hurt you…Praise Him! You will heal in time! Each day will get better if you let go and let GOD! Stop worrying about what the other person is doing and if they are hurting more than you. That is not of God. God did not say we were to pay people back or curse them. He is in charge of that! We should want the best for them because we want God to give the best to us. We should want them to be happy. Don’t start wishing bad things on people. You are in the way of judgement!

Stop interfering with God’s plan!

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