I believe that God has impregnated unique dreams, gifts and talents in each of us! What are you going to do with your dreams? My task is to give you new revelation about your current situation, so that you won’t be pregnant any longer. It’s time for your dreams to come forth!

I am convinced that everyone has the potential for GREATNESS! But just having the potential is not enough, unless you are bold enough to allow God to take off the limitations that you’ve put on yourself. When it comes to the things of God, there are NO LIMITS!

The word potential is defined as 1. a possibility but not actuality; 2. there, but not in use. So what does that mean to the Body of Christ as it relates to those dreams that have been placed in us? I’m so glad you asked, that means that merely having potential doesn’t necessarily mean that it is positively going to happen.

If you had flour, sugar butter and eggs on the kitchen counter, then you have the potential of having a delicious butter pound cake. But there are some other things that you must do and a few more ingredients that you must add to bake a homemade pound cake. Just because some ingredients are on the counter doesn’t guarantee that you are going to have a cake. It’s the same with us; we must be willing to add the other ingredients to the potential in order to birth our dreams.If we waste time worrying about what we don’t have, all of our potential will eventually dry up and die.

Remember, there is GREATNESS in each of you, if you are willing to develop what you have, only God knows the GREAT things that you will accomplish. It won’t happen over night; it will take time, hard work and determination to develop your potential into the manifestation of your destiny!

What you need is ALREADY IN YOU!

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