Who am I really, I often look in the mirror and ask,
For if it were not for Him, I would still be wearing satan’s mask

I would still be afraid to be the me that He made
Had I not realized that He died that I might me saved

So many hurts and so much pain that I’ve had to face
I probably would have fainted, had it not been for His amazing grace

You see He’s brought me so far from where I used to be
Had it not been for His goodness and His mercy, you wouldn’t be looking at me

Oh no, if the enemy had it His way my life would have ended long ago
Each time the enemy tried to sift me out, My God said, “not so”

All the tears and all the pain was necessary and had to be
So that I would become the woman you see before you now, FREE

God has FREED me from the inner strongholds that had me bound
For that sinner that was lost, has now been found

You see my salvation, freed me from your condemnation
Yes, this same salvation changed my worldly conversation

I am FREE from your opinion and what you think of me
Even your criticism doesn’t stop me from being FREE

I am FREE from your expectations and who you feel that I should be
No my past mistakes no longer cause me to fear or hinder me

You didn’t create me so you don’t get to dictate where or how far I’ll go
God’s plans are so incredible for me, it would be impossible for you to know

I’m stronger than what I look like even more stronger than I may seem
Not because of me but it’s because of Christ that I have been redeemed

No longer under the authority of satan
Don’t get it twisted I do understand why others be hating

There’s no need to blame me, my blessing came from above
Not because of me but because of God’s unfailing love

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