Free To Be Me Radio Show

In our society today, women have many roles that our mothers and grandmothers didn’t have. In addition to being wives and mother, women are now CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, doctors, judges, lawyers, actresses with leading roles, authors of best selling books, the roles are endless.

We are considered noble for the many sacrifices that we make to take care of everyone else’s needs before our own. So many of our goals have been postponed, dreams cancelled and creativity aborted, because we have given priority to the urgent needs of other. It’s time to get our dreams off of lay-a-way. It’s time to open the file marked later, so that we can began NOW! It’s time to break the chains of social acceptance that has had us bound for so long! It’s time to give our dreams life and take them off of life support!

So, I ask you my sisters, are you living free? Or are you walking around bound? Life wasn’t meant to simply be something that you merely get through. It was meant to be lived through the exploration of your passion, the pursuit of your dreams and the discovery of living out your full potential.

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