It’s 2014 and surely you’re going to allow your U-niqueness to shine! Thank God we’re not all the same, just imagine what the world would be like if we were, BORING! YOU are a rare, unique, one of a kind individual, a gift to the world from God. Your characteristics, style, individuality, not to mention your overall DNA set you apart from anyone else. Yes, God even knew that you would have some issues, flaws and weaknesses, but these distinctive qualities are aspects of your uniqueness that contribute to making YOU who you are. Don’t be afraid to resist the temptation to “fit in” with the crowd; truth is, it won’t work even if you tried!

STOP hiding your gifts and talents from the world for fear that you will stand out! God put them in you for that very reason. He wants you to stand out!

Our world doesn’t need any more people who are just alike. No more carbon copies needed! But what the world does need is the one and only YOU! It’s time for you to shine BRIGHTER than a DIAMOND!

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